Using Business Process Improvement to Increase Efficiency

What is Business Process Improvement?

Business Process Management

Goals of Business Process Improvement:

  • Minimize employee resources spent on menial/tedious tasks
  • Centralize business processes and integrate functions
  • Control, organize and automatically execute strategies
  • Use data to continuously improve processes
  • Improve the quality of the output
  • Reduce the time required for jobs
  • Identify wasted efforts from previous processes
  • Reduce friction during processes
  • Meet regulatory compliance guidelines

What is Business Process Automation?

Benefits of Business Process Improvement Through Automation

Business Processes that Companies Can Work to Improve:

  1. Speeding up business cycles
  2. Reducing operating costs
  3. Improving the quality of products and services
  4. Boosting employee engagement and productivity
  5. Creating a better customer experience

Steps for Business Process Improvement Success

  1. Analyze: Understand your business needs, identify important metrics, take a deeper look at the steps that cause the most friction
  2. Redesign/Automate: Identify areas of improvement, fine-tune your workflow and redesign the process to include automation wherever possible
  3. Implement: Inform all stakeholders of your changes — monitoring changes closely and measuring results for further testing
  4. Test: See how changes affect items in real-time, run updates and additional integrations if needed
  5. Outsource: Partner with an expert team to delegate time-consuming tasks away from your everyday operations — giving back valuable time and resources to focus on what your company does best

Partnering with Specialists: FSSI

  • Streamlined communication costs
  • Fast and compliant data processing
  • Reduction in risk and errors
  • Improved stakeholder and supplier relationships
  • Better quality end products
  • More productive employees
  • Engaged and informed customers
  • Sending emails to confirm file receipt
  • Sending email notifications for missing files
  • Routing files for immediate processing
  • Creating a PDF Approval File for client review and approval
  • Archiving, then destroying input files based on business rules



FSSI is a WBE-certified document outsourcing company that helps businesses maximize their impact and strategic value through highly-customizable print and mail.

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