Impact of Financial Document Redesign and Variable Data Printing

4 min readApr 18, 2018


See how important document redesign and personalization is for the modern consumer.

Redesigning documents online helps you grow your business by transforming an often overlooked medium into an active, highly personal marketing channel–one that builds trust, advances your brand and connects with customer needs.

In the nuanced world of statement document design, even small changes can yield remarkable results. What some companies see simply as whitespace, others consider a marketing gold mine–invaluable real estate that can be selectively refreshed and colorized to create attention and response, and enable every document to expand beyond its intended purpose.

As today’s premier document redesign solution, MarketAdvantage equips you to cost-effectively develop data-driven, multi-channel campaigns that use thoughtful design to get better results. The tightly integrated technologies that comprise FSSI’s MarketAdvantage include:

  • Full-color Production Inkjet Technology — color delivers a significant and measurable lift in customer interest and response rates over black-ink only documents. The engine that drives FSSI’s MarketAdvantage is Canon’s Océ ColorStream® 3900. It also supports MICR ink printing, inline dynamic perforating and integrated camera technology to verify the integrity of each unique piece.
  • The messageStreamOne Portal — an FSSI exclusive, the portal provides real-time design control over message-text and graphics; it lets you create, approve, upload and selectively place full-color digital graphics and promotional/educational messaging. You may also tie images and text directly to variable account data to dynamically create highly targeted, reader-relevant communications.
  • Cross-Media Communications Platform — develop and deploy highly creative multi-channel campaigns that can include unique URLs, Mobile (QR) codes, dynamic landing pages, and targeted, opt-in emails; use customized site domains to enhance campaign messaging and response rates; link to dynamic landing pages featuring offer-specific content and rich media, such as streaming audio and/or video.

Connect with customers through dynamic variables such as:

A. Color Logos

B. PURL’s (Personalized URL’s)

C. Personalized Data Fields

D. Data Driven Graphics

E. Selective Message

F. QR Codes

Each of these variables and more can be customized.

Printing Options to Enhance Your Impact:

Start with a boring black and white statement.
Add a bit of color…
…or add a lot of color.

Ten Reasons To Use MarketAdvantage to Redesign Documents

  1. Reformat customer-facing financial documents that expand beyond their intended purpose to include targeted information, advice, marketing, and payment reminders
  2. Increase document value through on-page enhancements that move readers into action
  3. Strengthen aesthetic appeal
  4. Simplify navigation to increase interest and engagement
  5. Highlight time-sensitive instructions and critical account information
  6. Improve comprehension through colorful graphics
  7. Support and expand branding and educational initiatives
  8. Cross-sell, upsell and promote selected products or events
  9. Create and manage tightly integrated, personalized marketing campaigns
  10. Access campaign metrics through “big-picture” activity reports and Key Performance Indicators via FSSI’s easy-to-use workflow reporting dashboard

MarketAdvantage offers in-depth results tracking and reporting through workStreamOne

Is Outdated Document Design impacting your business?

Looks do matter. Are all of your company documents in black and white? This may seem like a small detail, but your consumer’s eyes are drawn to color. Think of the reading people do each day. The amount of information consumed seems endless. Without something to set your information apart — color, for instance, to help our brains latch onto important messages — we can easily skip right past the key points.

FSSI’s Color Specialist and Graphic Designer, adds variable color to documents in order to highlight the company’s most important messages. “Color really allows information to pop out at the reader. Billing Due Dates are a good example of where to add variable color to a document. The reader’s eye is able to immediately jump down and find the content they were looking for without having to carefully read the entire document.”

Create a balance within your company’s documents. Make sure you include all of the important information but don’t overwhelm your customers with too much text. Customers retain information better when there is white space on the page. Don’t waste valuable space by repeating messages. Simplify. Flush out extraneous information by removing duplicate fields and focus instead on your company’s target messages. Doing so gives you more valuable white space to use for other purposes. Marketing messages, coupons, or even calls to action could be placed into the document’s white space to make full use of the page.

But here’s the best part. All this customization will help your company save advertising dollars by only sending out messages that apply to certain consumers. Your company’s response rates will naturally increase because people are receiving information that relates directly to their needs and interests. Remember that customization is key — and soon enough your company’s document redesign will speak for itself.




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