2022 Guide to Print and Mail Outsourcing | What to Expect?

4 min readJan 11, 2022

Are you considering making the switch to outsourcing your high-volume print, mail and digital customer communications? You are not alone.

As companies grow and/or financial, technology and capacity needs change, outsourcing business processes can become a necessary and vital tool for success. Banks, credit unions, healthcare institutions, auto finance companies and utility services are all examples of businesses in highly-regulated industries that require and benefit from partnering with a print and mail service provider.

Did you know that:

  • First-Class Mail volume was 52.6 billion pieces in 2020
  • Marketing mail volume was 64.1 billion pieces in 2020
  • The USPS served 161.4 million delivery points nationwide in 2020 with 1.5 million new delivery points added to that network*
  • In 2022, the projected market size of the printing industry is estimated to increase 1.6%, with $78.9 billion in revenue**

With print and mail the main touchpoint between companies and their customers, it’s important to ensure that you’re optimizing these critical services.

In this post, we will explain the benefits of print and mail outsourcing and what to expect from the onboarding and conversion process. Not all print and mail outsourcing companies are created equal but knowing what to expect will help ease the outsourcing journey. Here is your 2022 getting started guide to print and mail outsourcing:

The Top Benefits of Print and Mail Outsourcing

What You Can Expect When You Decide to Outsource?

You’ve decided to outsource your print, mail and electronic customer communications, so now what can you expect from your document outsourcing provider? Here’s a look at the steps you’ll encounter along the way:


Once you have selected a print and mail provider, your company will likely be assigned a client services representative to act as an ongoing liaison and resource. Your service provider will explain their specific print and mail processes and bring in a conversion team to define the specific requirements of your customer communications and data.


Converting your print and mail processes and data to a new system can be intimidating but a well-planned conversion and organized conversion team will make it a painless and seamless experience. Your service provider should have a proven process in place to securely transition your company’s sensitive data and create output for the best results of your printed and mailed communications.

The Outsourcing Partnership

The ease and length of the onboarding and conversion process will differ with every company but partnering with the right team will make it feel seamless. Our company takes in all types of data from virtually every industry vertical, formatting it for print and mail and/or eDelivery. We’ve worked with clients who are well-versed in the conversion process and clients who depend on us to be their conversion experts.

The smoothest conversions happen when there is a collaborative effort between the client and their print and mail outsourcing provider. Let us help you save time, money, and avoid costly mistakes in your next outsourcing project. We’re here to help you seamlessly navigate the process, from start to finish.

* Leading-edge print and electronic communications
* Trusted by partners nationwide
* Dedicated quality control and workflow tracking
* SOC 2 certified and HIPAA compliant
* Two strategically-located facilities


FSSI is a print and mail outsourcing provider that has completed thousands of conversions with over 40 years of experience helping companies enhance their communications strategy. For more information to help guide you through the conversion process, please download our special report The Truth About Conversions or call 714.436.3300 to speak to one of our outsourcing specialists today!


*USPS: https://facts.usps.com/table-facts/

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